International Women’s Day: A tribute to the best

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash (My Mum is too shy to have her picture on here)

I love my Mum to bits. She’s amazing. Today is International Women’s Day, so I’m going to tell you why. Not because every woman should be like my Mum, or fit some arbitrary standard, but because every woman deserves to be celebrated.

The first day of the first lockdown she decided she was going to make a sunflower to cheer people up who walked past her house. This was before sharing rainbows (or sunflowers!) was a thing.

This sums my Mum up. She cares deeply about all people, and uses her creativity and love for nature to show it.

The most important things I have learnt from my Mum are intangible. They are not practical (though I often ask her how to do things) but are emotional and personal. They make me a better person.

I am kind because she’s kind, I have learnt to enjoy life because she does it so well and I have learnt to be caring because Mum cares for everyone. My Mum is amazing.

When I came out to her I was so nervous. Yet she has embodied and embraced love ever since that day. Her support to me has kept me going in the darkest times. Her faith in God and humanity is foundational to how she interacts with people and how I’ve learnt a deep compassion for the world.

Let me know in the comments what your relationship with the women in your life has been like.



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Jonny Masters

Jonny Masters


I write eclectically, including poetry and stories with themes such as pets, tourism, humour and politics. I also write about being Christian and gay.