15-minute stream of consciousness challenge

Because, why not?

Jonny Masters
3 min readMay 26, 2022


Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

OK. I’m in.

15 minutes of unfiltered consciousness for the enjoyment (or otherwise) of my readers. I don’t mind writing like this as I often try writing onto a blank page.

Occasionally I even manage to write a poem
as it falls from my mind
like a waterfall of words
escaping the cage of my mind
lighting up the page
like stars in the wilderness.

I wonder what it is about writing that is so healing? (I just realised you’ll now be privy to how much my mind jumps from one topic to another. Welcome to my world.) I suppose sharing oneself is healing. That’s why counselling works. That’s why talking to friends works. We are able to process stuff more realistically when it is out in the open. When the words pass our lips or form on a page they become more real. That is, they become somehow more permanent, but also more realistic. Communication is so important because of this. Have you ever wondered what someone else is thinking about you, and assumed the worst? I do it all the time. My self-confidence isn’t always the best, and I have moments of complete erosion in that regard. In such times my mind tells me that I am a failure, unwanted and useless. I assume that is what others are thinking. But when I stop and actually listen to them I find they say something different. Sure, there might be some critique, like I talk too fast or write in sentences which are way too long and go in multiple directions at once just to illustrate a point, but when you stop and listen there is also a compliment there. There is care and love, and grace. Most people, when it comes down to it, are good. (Are you allowed to pause to add italics when doing this stream of consciousness thing?)

On the subject of people being good, it saddens me greatly that there is so much pain in the world. Often because people don’t take the above advice — they don’t talk about their problems. They don’t discover reality — that someone, somewhere loves them. Even if it is a counsellor or pastor, or a neighbour or shopkeeper. Someone cares for you.



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